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This project, which starts on site in 2016, is for a high precision tool manufacturer. Having an owner/occupier client allows us to talk specifics – for example daylighting, servicing strategies or managing heat generated by machinery – enabling us to create a better building than if it were a speculative development. The idea of the design is straightforward: by introducing care and elegance into what would otherwise be a single form commercial building on an industrial estate allows the occupier to project an image consistent with their product. The shaping of the front of the box is a carefully designed overhang, shading the glass façade and sheltering a recreational outdoor terrace for staff. Our design builds on our experience of designing manufacturing, distribution, research, training, sales and marketing spaces, and those layers of experience also reflect the client’s culture. By encouraging overlaps – for example dissolving boundaries between staff and customers or between blue and white collar workers, the building encourages close partnerships through spaces where new relationships and possibilities can emerge.

Click here to view 360 render - Exactaform Virtual View
Location:    Coventry
Client: Exactaform Cutting Tools Ltd
Status: Under Construction